Sales Policy

Effective: 28 April, 2017

All VPiX® virtual tour camera kits, optics and hard good products come with a manufacturer's warranty. Please submit the registration cards to these vendors so that you are protected. Additional protection is available on whole enchilada 360 camera kits with the Diamond Protection plan. This add on warranty extends the manufacturer's warranty by 1 - 3 years (depending on camera kit/make/model and optic selections) and covers breakage and theft.*

By placing your order online or by telephone, you acknowledge that you have had the opportunity to review VPiX®'s warranty terms and sales policy to the extent you are familiar with them and you accept the terms and conditions, including return policy, limitations, exclusions and disclaimers in them. Every sales invoice VPiX® issues makes mention of this Sales Policy and it is your responsibility to read this. Once you have paid VPiX®, this policy becomes effective immediately. This policy is updated from time with little or no notice to you. As a customer of VPiX®, it is your responsibility to review VPiX®'s Sales and Return policy if you are a recurring customer. Your continued use of VPiX®'s service(s) constitutes an automatic acceptance of changes we may make to our policy.

All equipment once purchased is final. Any returns are only authorized if carrier is proven to have done damage(s) to box(es) to you. VPiX will issue you an RMA / Ticket # and we will replace the defective part(s) at no additional charge to you.

Use of the VPiX 360° Cloud has specific terms that apply to your use and is available at the bottom of your VPiX login cPanel (VULA).

VPiX Subscription Plans

Any VPiX client ordering an IDX website understands they are paying for uninterrupted use of 3rd party MLS feeds including IDX vendors to manage the data. Rackspace hosting includes a 100% network uptime warranty as well. Client agrees to provide monthly or pre-paid annual fees in a timely manner. Monthly recurring services not paid within 15 business days are subject to a $25 late fee.

VPiX Subscription plans with grace periods are as follows:

If after 90 days of continued non-payment, collections and legal fees may be imposed with little to no notice to client. Failure to pay the notice within (5) business days will result in filing for collections action in El Paso County, City of Colorado Springs.

Self-Service VPiX 360 Cloud Limitations on Views / Overage Policy

All DiY (Do It Yourself) 360 cloud/hosting plans come with a view limit of 50,000 views per user per month for your entire account. Any views above 50,000 for your VPiX 360 subscription in a given 30-day subscription period are charged .002 cents per view. This charge is added onto your next month’s bill and will be one-month in arrears. If your VPiX bill is due and automatically paid on 1 May, 2017, your June 2017 bill will receive the overage views (if any) from April on your June bill.


Any VPiX client that needs to cancel their IDX / Website and MLS managed services is required to call the Colorado Office at 866-902-3600 to obtain a cancellation number from a VPiX account manager. Emails are not considered as an acceptable form of cancelation and as such, monthly charges will continue to accrue until properly cancelled.


We take as much time as customers need before they make an informed purchase of any VPiX 360° camera kit or other virtual tour platform / system.

Sometimes, a carrier may be negligent when delivering your VPiX 360° system to your door. It's rare, but once in a while, sometimes a carrier can damage a product during transit. Insurance covers the replacement of the affected item(s) at no additional charge to you.

Should you need to return a VPiX 360° system, you need to be aware that VPiX will charge a 15% restocking fee without exception including all shipping cost(s). The reason(s) being:

We are able to offer many customer perks including tech support with live people. We offer Mack 3-year Diamond warranties. We also warrant a 100% uptime guarantee on all your tours, as we host with -- the World's best place (and a tad bit on the expensive side) for hosting. But it's been said, you "Always get what you pay for."

Thank you for understanding and we look forward to helping you learn to shoot and produce your very own jaw-dropping 360° tours with VPiX.