VPiX Worldwide Sales and Refund Policy

Updated 19 October, 2022.

We encourage you to read the VPiX sales policy as you are agreeing to this sales policy when you make any purchase at VPiX and when you accept the VPiX VULA on activating your VPiX back office account.

Return Policy: Including 30-Day Policy returns*

VPiX provides Zoom demos to educate prospects on the proper use and the image limitations of 360 cameras before purchase. 30-day customer returns are only allowed if the originating sales agreement states the customer has 30-days to try/use the equipment.

Before VPiX can accept an equipment return, the customer must request an equipment RMA number and must ship back all gear in its original packing materials. The customer will use UPS ground and will ship back the equipment at their cost, including adequate insurance to cover the full retail cost of the equipment should the carrier damage the return to the VPiX customer return center address.

Equipment that fails under normal customer use shall be exchanged with a new product (providing the gear sold was not part of a closeout, trade show demo, open box, or another special promotion). New equipment that has failed within 30 days that has been found to have been damaged by the customer, via accident or on purpose damage will not be exchanged. Refunds will not include the cost of training, DMS, or Website integration. If the customer purchase was made via a credit card, the refund is made on the same card, less any deductions for training, shipping, software integrations, and/or any applicable restocking fees.

eBay and Amazon Shipments

Any shipments made through our eBay or Amazon store are covered by this VPiX sales policy. Delays made through any carrier including but not necessarily limited to USPS, UPS or FedEx are shipped via ground shipments. International orders will be shipped by UPS.

Note that any shipments made ground are provided with an estimate date arrival which is not guaranteed. UPS and FedEx ground shipments shipped during holidays may experience longer than expected delivery dates. Carriers will give priority to Overnight and Express shipments before ground shipments can be handled. Customer may not directly contact the carrier for a change in delivery address. Once item has shipped, the delivery address may not be changed.

Refund requests will not be honored until VPiX can confirm in writing that package(s) are missing or destroyed.

Once VPiX is notified in writing from the carrier that a customer shipment(s) have been lost or destroyed, VPiX can provide a refund if VPiX has no replacement of the same product that was sold.

Refunds due to carrier negligence or accident will be provided once eBay or Amazon provides funds to VPiX, which can take up to five (5) business days.

Customer may not place any negative reviews on any eBay/Amazon or social media forum for late shipments or carrier damage.

Damaged 360 Gear/Equipment/Cameras

VPiX will accept and authorize an exchange for any damaged product due to carrier damage. All equipment shipments from VPiX to you include insurance in the event of carrier neglect or carrier damage. For domestic customers receiving orders via UPS, the customer must verify the damage with the UPS carrier and report the damage to the local UPS office/distribution center in their local area within 24 hours of receiving your order. VPiX always ships with the “signature required.” In the event your local UPS carrier ignores the “signature required process” and drops off your equipment at your door for any reason without collecting your signature, and your order is stolen (“porch pirates”) may not claim a refund or replacement. You may not contact your credit card or bank and request a chargeback. Below are additional stipulations and terms that apply to returning any equipment to VPiX for carrier damage:

VPiX Customer Service Hours

Monday – Friday from 9 am – 6 pm MST. (Denver Time Zone). US Toll-Free: (866) 481-3160. International: +1(719) 481-3160.

VPiX is closed on weekends and on US Holidays.

VPiX SaaS Subscriptions Monthly/Annually

Monthly Customers: Business Class under 500 project levels per month

Payment for using any VPiX on-demand 360 software platform for monthly users will require you to have a valid credit card on file for your monthly charges. VPiX also accepts PayPal and other digital wallets. If you prefer to pay via this method, please tell your VPiX Customer Success Manager or Account Manager. Customers will need to select the automatic payment date, which is made on the 1st calendar day or the 15th calendar day of the month.

Annual Customers: Enterprise Class

For annual customers, including Enterprise and ERP Customers, domestic US Customers are encouraged to pay via ACH or bank wire. Customers that elect to use a credit card to pay for their annual subscription will include a 1.5 – 3% credit card processing fee on top of their annual service agreement.

International customers using Bank Wire need to include an additional $70 to cover the conversion to US dollars and the bank wire fee charges.

Cancellation of Your VPiX SaaS Account(s)

Month-to-month subscribers

You must contact VPiX using the name and email on their VPiX account. If using Email, VPiX subscription users must email: support@vpix360.com and cancel using their VPiX login email. Note that any cancellations made after their recurring charge have already taken place are not refundable. Cancellation will stop the next month’s billing process.

Annual Subscribers

Annual subscribers must notify VPiX within 30-days of their renewal date. If you cancel your annual SaaS account any time after your renewal date, the cancellation will be honored. However, you must still pay for the total annual service cost. Your annual account will expire on the renewal date, and all tours will be deleted. Cancellation of annual accounts are not entitled to a pro-rated refund.

IMPORTANT: When You Cancel (and you still have customer tours hosted…)

If you are a photographer or a creative agency that produces content for many customers, we strongly encourage you to contact your customers and ask if they want their 360 projects to remain hosted. VPiX will be cheerfully migrate their content to their own VPiX account, and we will pay you $25 - $100 for every customer referral you make that signs up for a VPiX subscription.

VPiX will not be responsible for any legal damages if your customers contact VPiX once they learn their content was deleted.

Account Abandonment

Ignoring your VPiX monthly or annual payments is not an accepted or recognized form of cancellation of your subscription account(s). Employees or authorized representatives of your company that signed up for the VPiX on-demand SaaS platform are required to accept the VPiX User License Agreement and this Sales Agreement. Their IP address, date-time stamp, and digital signature are captured before the VPiX on-demand software and hosting can be activated and used.

If your employee or authorized content creator is terminated or leaves your firm, your company is still legally responsible for the monthly software subscription costs, late fees, and collection costs, including reasonable attorney fees. VPiX will make all reasonable attempts to contact the owners or registered agents to notify them that your subscription account(s) are in arrears and to collect payment for any outstanding balance. Failure to pay after 60 days may result in legal action filed against your firm, including civil and criminal charges, if the amount is above $1,500. For habitually late-paying customers, VPiX may terminate your account with a 30-day written advance notice. In addition, VPiX may, at it's sole discretion, move some or all of your 360 customer's content to another VPiX account in order to provide business continuity. Any and all copyrights you may have had will be transferred to your customers.

Custom Development, Integrations, and iOS/Android apps

For custom work, all work that is to be owned by you or licensed by you will be covered in a detailed VPiX Scope of Work (SOW). Without a signed SOW, any custom work done by VPiX, including any VPiX-approved vendors and contractors for you, will remain the exclusive property of Virtual Pictures Corp (VPiX). All custom work done by VPiX or any VPiX-approved vendors and contractors is non-refundable. For custom work without a signed SOW, VPiX or Customer may elect to cancel any work in progress with written notification to the other. Any outstanding balances, including expenses for contractors, software licenses, and hosting charges, must be settled within 30 days to terminate the work in progress. There are no refunds for any custom work.

On-Site VPiX Photography Services

VPiX home office or any VPiX licensed affiliate, including any VPiX-certified photographer, may provide various on-site photographic services including but not necessarily limited to still photos, 2K or 4K videos, perform GIS/GPS measurements of rooms (LiDAR) including 3D structure scans for 2D or 3D maps/floor plans, aerial drone videos/shots and/or elevated mast photography.

All jobs will be accompanied by a Scope of Work (SOW) and a shot sheet which must be signed and returned by the customer. If a customer does not provide a signed shot sheet or SOW before the scheduled date and elects to have a photographer work with an on-site manager to direct the shoot, the customer shall be responsible for all content produced or lack thereof.

Customer represents and warrants that: (a) you have all necessary authority, rights, and permissions to grant photographer(s) access to the property/properties being photographed. Customer represents that any photographic content, when displayed on any online or offline materials, does not infringe or violate any copyright or other intellectual property rights, including the privacy rights of any third party, without limitation.

Indemnification (On-Site Photography/Production Services)

The Customer agrees to indemnify and hold VPiX, and its officers, directors, employees, agents, affiliates, licensees, and photographers harmless from and against any and all claims, costs, demands, damages, liabilities, losses, or expenses, including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys’ fees, arising from or related to (1) the assignment for the shoot(s) the photographers take, (2) any content you provide for use in the shoot, and (3) your use of any VPiX 360 cloud server used to publish the content.


Prices shown are in U.S. dollars. If you are paying for your order with an international credit card, the purchase price may fluctuate with exchange rates. In addition, your bank or credit card issuer may charge you foreign conversion charges and bank-wire fees, including VAT or duties, which may also increase the overall cost of your purchase. VPiX cannot absorb VAT or duties when your purchase arrives. Paying for these costs is the sole responsibility of the Customer.

PCI Compliance / Credit Card Security

All customer credit cards are guaranteed safe as we only use 100% PCI-compliant methods for any electronic (card) payment method.

Peace of Mind: PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance refers to 12 security standards businesses must use when accepting, transmitting, processing, and storing credit card data.

This requirement involves encryption of cardholder data, managing firewalls, updating antivirus software, and assigning unique IDs to each person with computer access.

The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, an independent body, created by the card networks in 2006, manages PCI security standards, while the enforcement of these standards falls to the card networks and payment processors. Every merchant, regardless of the number of card transactions processed, must be PCI compliant. The card networks (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.) can be contacted directly for information about their specific PCI compliance programs.

VPiX uses QuickBooks, TotalPay (TSYS), and BrainTree Payments to process customer credit cards. At no time does VPiX keep any customer’s credit cards in an insecure location.

Shipping & Delivery

For US-based customers, VPiX will use UPS Ground. Delivery of your order can be impacted by many events beyond VPiX’s control once it leaves our facilities. VPiX cannot be held liable for late deliveries. VPiX cannot replace equipment if your carrier drops off your VPiX purchase on your doorstep and it’s later stolen by porch pirates. VPiX always ships purchases above $500 with a required “customer signature.” If your local carrier ignores this, VPiX cannot and will not be liable for a replacement or refund.

Product Availability and Accessory Substitution

In some cases, VPiX may have to replace an accessory in your order, such as external lights, tripods, or some other item with a similar product. This is normal, as supply chains are still impacted due to shortages that may have been created during the COVID-19 pandemic. VPiX will never ship a cheaper or inferior product to you. All accessories VPiX may substitute are of equal or better quality than the accessory advertised.

# # # end of sales policy # # #