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"VPiX CSI:360 helps first responders become familiar with the building who might have never once stepped foot inside. Saving precious minutes will help us save lives in an emergency situation."
Keith Richey, Fremont County Emergency Management

3D Crime Scene Camera Kits

Complete 360 camera solutions start at $12,790, offering faster and a more comprehensive solution for crime scene investigations. With 360 cameras, investigators can capture every detail and angle of the crime scene, providing a more accurate representation of the events that took place. We bundle the 360 cameras, crime scene reconstruction Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), including Zoom training. Learn more. Schedule a CSI360 Zoom demo.

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Done and Leica One

Traffic Accident Reconstruction Tools

Only CSI360 lets you blend drone footage, Axon body camera video and intuitive 360 panoramic photos for reconstructing crashes and traffic accidents. CSI360's learning curve takes less than a day to master. Schedule a Zoom demo and take a 30-day free test drive of CSI360 and see for yourself.

HOW WE MADE THIS 360: The accident reconstruction tour on the right was created with the Mavic 3 drone and the Insta360 ONE RS Leica 1-inch camera.

Built with Insta360° Leica 1-inch

To capture this scene, we suspended an Insta360 ONE RS Leica 1-inch camera and captured this amazing HD panorama carried aloft by a Mavic 3 Pro drone. Drones and 360s are now becoming a big part of accident reconstructions with CSI360.

CLICK the scene above for a 360° view

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Unlock the Power of Augmented Reality with CSI:360. Get Accurate and Efficient Solutions for Crime Scene Reconstruction, Homeland Security, and Fire-Arson Scene investigations.

At CSI:360, we understand the importance of having reliable and cost-effective crime scene cameras and 3D reconstruction software.

Since 2009, CSI360 remains the most advanced 3D augmented reality platform on the market. Our platform has apps to let you scan any crime scene and create instant maps. Our tactical 360 cameras let you capture 11,000 X 5,500 High Definition panoramic scenes.

Our crime scene reconstruction software is drag-and-drop, no coding interactive Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that lets you reproduce 3D reconstructions of any crime scene. It's the only CSI software Web app that can be installed onto your servers.

Experience the future of investigation and analysis with CSI:360. Our platform offers seamless integration with any mobile device, so you can showcase your augmented reality scenes from anywhere, anytime. With our innovative technology, you'll be able to save valuable time and resources, making CSI:360 the #1 choice for state and private agencies around the world.

Don't settle for the consumer-grade one-shot 360 point and shoot cameras. Invest in CSI:360 today and revolutionize your approach to crime scene reconstruction, and fire-arson scene documentation.

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Transform Your DSLR into a 360 Crime Scene Camera

Many Sheriff's offices rely on Canon or Nikon DSLRs for their photography needs. CSI360 offers an innovative range of cost-effective, automated 360 rotator upgrades and lenses that enable you to capture Extreme High Definition (XHD) panoramic images.

CSI360 crime scene camera rigs let you zoom in on evidence with up to 20X magnification, all without any loss in image quality.

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"Nothing else compares to CSI360. These 360 rotators produce incredibly accurate and super high resolution images that help us recreate crime scenes so realistic and clear."
Detective Sgt. Scott Smeeks
Washington County Sheriff's Office
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