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Taking photos or videos of a business inside or out is a good thing. But Insurance agencies today are preferring the view of a 360-walkthrough instead. An interactive walk-through of a business shows so much more than a still photo or video. It lets the insurance or claims adjustor choose the view and "step inside," and look around. In the event of natural disaster such as the F5 Tornado that touched down in Joplin Missouri in 2011, insurance companies settled many claims up to six (6) days faster after seeing the damage thanks to CSI:360.
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Average Claim Settlement Time
Insurance Claim
14 days
Insurance Claims (after seeing 360 tours)
6 days
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Building Documentation

Perfect for Safe Schools

We live in a world where terrorism both from domestic and international threats have become more frequent and common. In the event of another school shooting with hostages and danger to our kids or teachers -- first responders that arrive need to have the facts of the building's interior. CSI:360 lets first responders become familiar within minutes after seeing the interactive walk-through of the school's hallways and classrooms. With CSI:360, local law enforcement has an affordable new system to help them save lives.

Virtual Tours Asset Management P & G Case Study

P & G Case Study

Digital Photo Asset Management has been around a few years now. But 360 panoramic asset management provides so many more benefits. For firms like P & G, they use VPiX tools to help them document all of their warehouses and packing facilities such as Duracell, Pampers, Pantene Shampoo and Gillette. Having all of their buildings documented in 360 lets them save hundreds of thousands of dollars by not having to put inspector teams on planes to physically visit remote P & G locations. Now, they can view and virtually walk-through any facility with VPiX 360.
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