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About CSI:360

CSI:360 is a trusted source of 3D virtual reality cameras, 3D structure sensors and crime scene reconstruction software, servers and on-site training. Since 2008, we’ve worked with hundreds of Law Enforcement, Fire-Arson Investigators around the world, including the US Military and Homeland Security (FEMA).

CSI:360 is a GSA Approved Vendor for:

  • 3D forensic crime scene cameras
  • Affordable 3D crime scene upgrade lenses and 360 rotators for your existing Canon/Nikon cameras
  • Crime scene measurement apps for your iPhone/iPad
  • 360 and 3D crime scene reconstruction software
  • Secure SSL sharing of crime scene data to remote teams
  • Export functions of closed/solved crime scene photos/panoramic projects
  • FAA-certified drone instructors, full range of professional DJI drones with infra-red lenses and on-site training/support
  • Elevated mast/360 camera rigs for tactical deployment and quick capture of 360 panoramas from heights up to 50 feet
  • 3D measurement laser/LiDAR systems
  • On-site training by former police/military instructors

CSI360 is a division of Virtual Pictures Corp (VPiX®) the worlds oldest and most-trusted virtual tour software solutions and 360 camera company. VPiX has been recognized three years in a row by Entrepreneur Magazine for innovative software and outstanding customer service.


CSI:360 headquarters is in Denver, Colorado. We provide law enforcement agencies with real-world, hands-on training with state-of-the-art 3D and 360 forensic cameras. We have regional affilates in Atlanta and one in Vancouver, Canada.


If you’re a former Sheriff, Police Officer or Military with Drone experience, we’d have sales and training opportunities opening in all fifty states, including Canada. Click here to contact us for a confidential phone interview.

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Glenn Chiang Tel: (604) 359-5069

James Corstorphine
Tel: (470) 240-9040

Bartley Wilson
Tel: (719) 481-3160 Ext. 1001

About CSI 360

Crime scene recreation just became a whole lot simpler and easier to do thanks to VPiX CSI:360. It's the first system designed entirely from the ground up and works the way police want it to work. There's no software to install and the entire system is cloud-based.

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