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CSI360 Support, Training and Server Updates

This is for existing CSI360 customers for customer service and technical support. Use the form below to schedule training for your law enforcement / crime scene technicians and to get scheduled for the latest CSI360 Crime Sceme Construction Server updates.
This is the stitching software you will need when using the Fanotec Mecha 3 automatice rotator or the Acratech 360 manual rotator. This is a FREE download, and is fully functional. It wil place a PT GUI watermark on your panoramas until you purchase the product.
CSI:360 Server
Current Version: 3.9.2
If your CSI:360 server isn't current, or if you need to schedule an upgrade, please fill out the form below. A CSI:360 customer care representative will contact you to schedule the upgrades.
CSI:360 Phone Support
USA: 1-(866) 902-3600
Hours of Operation:
9 A.M. – 6 P.M. MST (DENVER Time)
Monday – Friday
CSI:360 Pre-Sales Inquiries
Contact us via e-mail if you have pre-sales questions on any camera kits, software, server or training / support solutions we offer.

Fast and Simple to Do with CSI:360 You start by taking (4) shots at 90-degrees apart of any crime scene. When stitched together, this captures a complete 360 X 360, floor to ceiling panorama. Upload your JPEG panoramas to the CSI:360 server and you can link the views together, add yellow evidence markers and field notes with just a few mouse clicks. Nothing else out there is better or faster at recreating crime scenes better than CSI:360.

Learning Curve: About 1 hr and 20 minutes CSI:360 takes less than 2 hours to learn. This includes learning how to take the 360 X 360 panoramic shots, stitch them, and upload them to your CSI:360 cloud account. Point, click, drag and save. Your crime scene has hot spots, crime scene notes, yellow digital evidence markers and floating maps and floor plans. The District Attorney's office will think your detectives "walk on water."

Host with Rackspace or Your Own Data Center. Create your CSI:360 account instantly with less than 1 hour spin up time of your account. We also offer complete server hosting solutions at Rackspace or we can remote install a CSI:360 server onto your server hosted at your own data center. Learn more and get an instant quote today.

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