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VPiX® CSI:360 is a complete suite of "Do it Yourself," 360° panoramic capture equipment, interactive and 3D virtual tour creation tools that run from a cloud server. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions that might help you decide if CSI:360 is right for your company or agency.
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Q: We already own Nikon / Canon cameras. Is there an upgrade kit for them?

YES: We offer an upgrade kit which just includes the rotator, leveling head, fisheye lens, accessories, software and training. When you order your upgrade kits, please be sure to specify Canon or Nikon so we ship the correct fisheye lens and mount rings for your specific camera type.
CSI360 Cakera Kit D7000 & R1

Q: Do we need to have programming skills to make interactive 360 scenes?

NO: The CSI:360 system is 100% user friendly with no programming skills required. Within 30 minutes of following our video tutorials, anyone can be fully trained and can start creating rich, compelling 360 virtual tours of crime scenes and the interior or exteriors 360 views of buildings. The system is 100% web-based. Which makes it easy to add hot spot arrows, drop-down scene navigation, slide shot photos, crime scene notes, links to other tours, and video links or MP3 audio.
CSI360 Camera

Q: I need security and tight control of the panorama images we create. Can you license a CSI:360 server to us?

YES: The CSI:360 system is 100% cloud based and is available in (2) versions. You can choose the CSI:360 server with a managed service level. We can create install a dedicated CSI:360 server at our Rackspace data center in 2 weeks or less. For law enforcement agencies, private security firms and for government use, we also offer a Dell server that is fully configured with CSI:360 that we can ship to you to host at your own facility.
CSI360 Rackspace Cloud Server

Q: Can we send our people to you for training on the CSI:360 system, or can you come and train us at our location?

YES: We offer CSI:360 training at your company or you can send your people to train with us. We have two (2) offices worldwide with training available in London, and Colorado Springs, Colorado.
CSI360 Training

Q: What about J.I.T (Just In Time) training and remote technical support?

YES: We offer Just In Time (J.I.T.) instant training support options if you need them. This lets our team train your new employees, CSI field technicians and law enforcement people. This includes phone support and computer-to-computer training. We also offer optional 3-year Diamond Protection repair plans for your camera and lens, too. Please contact your CSI:360 representative for additional details.
CSI360 Online Training
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