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Crime Scene Cameras:

3D Upgrades for DSLR

Upgrade your existing Nikon or Canon DSLR cameras with one of our 3D upgrade kits. This includes the Sigma 8mm fisheye, precision rotator, software and 1-on-1 training, either on-site or on-line.

Complete 3D Camera Kits

We offer complete 3D camera kit solutions which now includes our Tactical 360 automated camera. It features six lenses and it stitches the 3D image inside the camera, which saves a lot of production time.

As Seen in the CSI TV Show!

In this episode called, "Buyer Beware," you see the close up of the computer and a make-believe website called Internet Realty. The shot of the living room is a panoramic 360 and reveals a valuable art object is missing.

Today, CSI:360 3D panoramic camera kits and our crime scene reconstruction software is used by the FBI, Homeland Security and many law enforcement agencies.

CSI 360 Leica Pan Scan

Recreating crime scenes doesn't have to be expensive or take days to do.

Budgets at any police department are shrinking. Doing "more with less," is the new "normal," these days. hich is why we love CSI:360. It’s affordable and we can keep our existing Canon camera investments.
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CSI:360 is now worldwide

International Sales

CSI:360 sales and services are now available worldwide. We have offices in Colorado, Georgia, and Canada.


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