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CSI:360° Virtual Tour Training

CSI:360 Virtual Tour Training + Workshops. We teach rank and file police and law enforcement agencies how to take their existing cameras and capture 360 panoramic view of crime scenes. We offer both remote training, one-on-one with a CSI:360 instructor. Or if you prefer, you can send your people to train with us in our London UK office or our Colorado office.
CSI Virtual Tour Training Options:
One on one training with a CSI:360 instructor
Just In Time (J.I.T.) training support avail
On-site training option available
Send your people to us for training
Access to on-demand video training / exercise files
Call 866-902-3600 for Best Price.
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It's an amazing product. From before & after shots of commercial buildings hit by damage, VPiX CSI:360 is the only product we use and highly recommend.
CSI 360 Brian
Brian Mumpower
Trinity Group, LLC

A better way to recreate crime scenes. CSI:360 works with your existing Canon or Nikon cameras. Our crime scene software is server based, which means you can use CSI:360 from anywhere, any time and from any Mac or PC.

Learning Curve: About 1 hr and 20 minutes CSI:360 takes less than 2 hours to learn. This includes learning how to take the 360 X 360 panoramic shots, stitch them, and upload them to your CSI:360 cloud account. Point, click, drag and save. Your crime scene has hot spots, crime scene notes, yellow digital evidence markers and floating maps and floor plans. The District Attorney's office will think your detectives "walk on water."

Host with Rackspace or Your Own Data Center. Create your CSI:360 account instantly with less than 1 hour spin up time of your account. We also offer complete server hosting solutions at Rackspace or we can remote install a CSI:360 server onto your server hosted at your own data center. Learn more and get an instant quote today.

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