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5 Ways CSI360 Improves Public Safety beyond Crime Scene Reconstruction

Image of an Insta360 Titan II Photographed by Bart Wilson

Introduction to VPiX / CSI360

VPiX / CSI360 was created in 1998 in collaboration with federal law enforcement in order to document serious crimes using 3D photography. Since then, 360 & VR photography have evolved in terms of, technology and equipment. We have seen widespread adoption of these applications by federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies around the world. The vast majority of use cases involve murder/suicide investigations, however, in recent years, there has been a growing need for VPiX / CSI360. Below are examples of various ways in which VPiX / CSI360 serves the public interest.

Methods of 360 Crime Scene Reconstruction Investigation

VPiX / CSI360 is the trusted source of 3D virtual reality cameras, 3D structure sensors software used for crime scene reconstruction. We also offer server-side Linux-based CSI360 software if your department requires this need. Below are methods of how CSI360 can be used for several types of 360 crime scene reconstruction investigation examples.

Active Shooter Preparation using Public School 360 Virtual Tours

View this virtual tour example:

With increasing gun violence taking place in our public school system, many regional and local institutions use VPiX / CSI360to create school 360 virtual tours as a pre-emptive measure to help first responders deal with active shooter situations. From a computer or mobile device, emergency responders can immediately tour the facility prior to entering the premises saving precious time and invaluable lives.

Emergency Planning using 360 Virtual Tours

View this virtual tour example:

FEMA and DHS rely on CSI360 to help first responders visualize and plan emergency landing sites for various types of aircraft in areas most prone to natural disasters. This greatly improves planning and response to a variety of events by on-site responders who may not be familiar with the topography or location of the disaster.

Fire Arson Crime Scene Reconstruction using 360 Virtual Tours

View this virtual tour example:

Beyond murder/suicide cases, CSI360 is second in usage with fire arson investigations to create virtual tours at the scene of a fire. These tours provide a valuable tool for placing investigators inside the scene long after the event has taken place and has been demolished. Such a tool is critical in helping with deep forensic analysis to determine criminality as well as assist with the insurance investigation.

Traffic Safety for State Highways using 360 Virtual Tours

View this virtual tour example:

The latest consumer and professional 360° cameras are capable of delivering live video and still images up to 8K in resolution. Connected by 4G, 5G, or fixed ethernet these units can capture high resolution 360° video on a continuous loop as well as upload video clips and stills to a dedicated 360° image server such as VPiX. Linked together, a series of 360° surveillance cameras can provide uninterrupted visual coverage of roads, bridges, pipelines, or rail links.

Workplace Safety using 360 Virtual Tours

View this virtual tour example:

CSI360 can help Workers’ Comp, Labour & Employment agencies and local health inspectors to better capture, visualize and document the many 1000’s of businesses under the jurisdiction in order to ensure safety and compliance in the workplace and the health and wellbeing of all employees. Once uploaded to the CSI Server with a case id #, the virtual tour serves as a permanent and cumulative record for each inspection site which can be reviewed at any time of day and potentially uncover hazards that were missed during the onsite inspection.

Parks, Resorts, and Public Recreation using 360 Virtual Tours

View this virtual tour example:

Stationary high resolution 360 cameras can provide interactive and engaging panoramic views of ski resorts, parks, and shared spaces to inform the public on such factors as weather conditions and crowd size. Where a standard webcam only provides a single static view, a panoramic feed captures the entire surrounding space with high-definition images that can be shared interactively by 1000’s of simultaneous visitors

Looking Ahead at 360 Virtual Tour Technology for the Public Sector

These technologies have their roots in real estate and while we have seen rapid growth in this industry due to the increased buyer activity combined with the COVID 19 pandemic; there is a growing interest from law enforcement, the automotive sector, entertainment, and hospitality, aviation as well as the recreational boating industries. Within the public sector, we have seen some of the use cases above but by and large, there has been slower uptake and adoption of 3D & 360° technologies. We do, however, see tremendous value to the public since the need to do more with less requires new solutions with greater innovation. If you are curious about or have an idea about how CSI360 can help your agency or business, please contact our team, and let’s talk.